Top ABM Marketing Tools for 2024

Account-based marketing is a prominent developing marketing technique that has become an important tool for organizations in the B2B industry who want to target specific accounts with marketing activities. First, let's talk about tools that can assist you follow the principles of ABM while carrying it out properly. In 2024, three ABM tools stand out due to their capabilities, usefulness, and effect. This article will discuss the top three ABM marketing tools, the pros and cons of using them, how they function, and who will profit the most from their use.

1. Terminus

ABM is a set of terminal technologies that help firms manage and measure multi-channel activity. Account engagement is seamlessly integrated with the default CRM and marketing automation systems to provide a comprehensive perspective.

Terminus offers robust capabilities in account insights, providing essential information on target accounts, which is crucial for effective marketing strategies. This feature is highly valued by marketers, with up to 70% finding such detailed insights critical for personalized engagement and conversion strategies. Moreover, Terminus supports multi-channel campaigns encompassing email, web, social, and display advertising, catering to diverse marketing needs. This versatility appeals to about 80% of marketing teams looking to streamline their campaign efforts across various platforms.

The platform's account-based chat functionality further enhances customer engagement by enabling personalized interactions with high-value accounts directly on the website. This capability is appreciated by 60% of businesses aiming to improve customer experience and relationship management through direct communication channels.

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