Submersible Water Pump for Dancing Fountain Water Fountain Pump

Music Fountain Pump System
Himalaya music fountain system adopts advanced submersible pumps optimized by our technicians, and the optimization details goes as following:
Calculation: Calculate and optimize the rate between height and volume, so that pump system can offer enough water for the fountain while no energy will be wasted. Consequently, the equipment cost and operation cost can be lowered.
Selection: Select the right material and craftsmanship to increase the sealing, the cooling, the initial force moment and using life.
Innovation: Use original design so that water-cooled pumps could be installed either vertically or horizontally for water fountains.
Conditions of Use
Power supply: three-phase AC power supply with frequency 50Hz, voltage 380V(allowable deviation +5% to -10%).
The pumps should be placed into water safely, and be completely submerged.
Generally none corrosive water that has a sediment concentration of not more than 0.02%, PH value of 6.5-8.5, and the water temperature of not higher than 40℃.
Before installation, check whether there is any clogging at the motor cooling water filling nozzle,to ensure that the nozzle is smooth;
Before installation, the pool should be cleaned, with no sludge or weed,to prevent the suction of weeds in use and affecting the use and effect of the water pump.
The cable should be fixed tightly when necessary,to prevent the suction of cable.
Automatic control can be used,but safety and reliability must be ensured.
When a pump is used for the first time, it should be placed into water,to test insulation resistance of the motor,and the pump can only be put into use if the resistance is not less than 50megohm.
To ensure safety,before using a pump,reliable grounding must be ensured.