SOC 2 Certification in Bangalore

Top Companies or Organizations with SOC 2 Certification –

Any organization or industry that needs help in securely managing the data and to protect the interests of the organization can avail this SOC 2 certification which comes in two types as in SOC 2 type 1 and the type 2.

GQS has worked with several well-organized firms and with many experts in every industry and implemented this SOC 2 certification to them especially to the SaaS providers and various software companies. GQS has the highest number of CPA Certified Public accountants with us, who are qualified in Accounting as well as International Cyber security trainings.

GQS SOC 2 Certification: Consultancy and Assistance –
GQS consultants will help you throughout the SOC 2 certification process from the documentation, implementation, audits and also the compliance standards to avail you the required certification.