Jumping Fountain Jumping Water Fountain Jumping Jet Fountain

Jumping jet fountains are a mesmerizing and captivating visual display of water artistry that stands as a marvelous testament to the perfect blend of engineering and creative art.
The fountain’s graceful dance of water leaping into the air forming unique patterns are enough to leave spectators spellbound.
This expertly crafted fountain uses precise controlled nozzles to shoot streams of water into the air which creates an alluring look of soaring arcs of water.
These jets defy gravity by leaping and crossing paths in synchronous choreography which showcases the mastery of fluid dynamics. Water jet fountains are commonly spotted in areas like public parks and urban plazas.
Jumping fountain, also known as jumping jet, lighted jet. it is a popular high-tech waterscape fountain equipment in recent years.The water of the jumping fountain is like a crystal clear icicle. Flying in the air in an arc shape, without splashing or scattering.
The construction and installation of jumping fountains are generally combined in pairs, it can achieve jump, dislocation jump ect. which is dizzying. It is also named a bullet jet musical fountain, can shoot pieces of water column to appointed spots.
It is a jumping fountain based on lighted jets, consequently, its water columns are also as smooth and don’t split in its range, while it is much more interesting than lighted jets.
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