Capital of Azerbaijan, Baku is situated on the shore of the Caspian Sea on the western side. It is located at the wide curving arc of Abseron cape. The bay, sheltered employing the islands of the Baku Archipelago, affords the first-class harbor of the Caspian, at the same time as the Abseron Peninsula offers safety from violent northerly winds. The call Baku is probably a contraction of the Persian horrific Kube. Baku derives its significance from its oil enterprise and its administrative features.Many travelers travel from Islamabad to Baku throughout the year. People travel from Islamabad to Baku for many different reasons. Many of our students go there to get higher education from the prestigious institute of that country.In the present era, booking a flight is very easy with online facilities. Digitization has made life much easier. Fatima Travels is serving the whole country with online flight booking facilities. We have our office in Islamabad and deals in all airlines and all classes of flights. You can anytime contact us for the booking of your flights from any destination to another destination in the world. We will find the best and cheapest flying option for you.