Capacity Embellishments Container or Pack: Ideal for conveying individual things, food, or work basics. Telephone Mount: Keeps your cell phone available for route or correspondence. Freight Rack: Offers additional capacity for bigger things or conveyance boxes. Execution Adornments Broadened Reach Battery: Expands your bike's reach for longer excursions. Overhauled Tires: Pick cut safe or improved grasp tires for different territories. Suspension Overhaul: Gives a more steady ride on unpleasant landscapes. Support Embellishments Tire Fix Unit: Handle minor cuts in a hurry. Multi-Tool stash: Fundamental for in a hurry fixes and changes. Charger Link: Save an additional charger for accommodation. Putting resources into these embellishments guarantees that your electric bike rides are more secure, more agreeable, and more proficient. Whether you're a day to day suburbanite or an easygoing rider, these upgrades can essentially work on your general insight.