How to Register a Design Registration in India

Design Registration in India:
Design registration in India refers to the legal protection granted to the unique visual appearance of a product. It safeguards the aesthetic and ornamental features of an object, such as its shape, configuration, pattern, or ornamentation. Design registration provides exclusive rights to the owner and prevents others from using, manufacturing, selling, or importing similar designs without permission.

Advantages of Design Registration:

Legal Protection: Design registration provides legal protection against unauthorized copying or imitation of the design. It allows the owner to take legal action against infringement and seek remedies in case of violations.
Exclusive Rights: Registering a design grants the owner exclusive rights to use, license, or sell the design. It establishes a monopoly over the design for the registered period, enabling the owner to capitalize on its commercial value.
Business Advantage: Design registration provides a competitive advantage by differentiating the product in the market. It helps build brand reputation, consumer loyalty, and a unique identity for the product.