Cool Meadow in Lahore Pakistan

Introducing Cool Meadow by Fragrance Studio, a rejuvenating scent inspired by the graceful allure of Gentle Fluidity Silver from Maison Francis Kurkdjian. With its crisp fusion of airy blossoms and aromatic accents, Cool Meadow captures the essence of a tranquil field kissed by the cool zephyrs of summer, embodying serenity and refinement.

The fragrance unfurls with a burst of fresh, dew-kissed florals, instantly enlivening the senses with its delicate and uplifting bouquet. As the scent evolves, hints of fragrant herbs and spices emerge, lending a nuanced depth and sophistication to the blend. The harmonious interplay of florals and aromatic nuances crafts a dynamic and invigorating olfactory journey that is both revitalizing and refined.