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Shop Linen Cotton Sarees Online at Best Price

Linen cotton sarees are a popular choice for those looking for a comfortable and breathable fabric. With their unique blend of linen and cotton, these sarees offer a soft texture... Read More

Shop Kota Doria Sarees Online from India

Kota Doria sarees are a traditional handwoven textile that originated in the Kota district of Rajasthan, India. These sarees are known for their lightweight, sheer texture and intricate checkered or... Read More

Shop Silk Handwoven Sarees Online

Handwoven silk sarees are luxurious and elegant pieces of traditional attire that are highly valued for their intricate designs and exceptional quality. The intricate weaving process and the use of... Read More

Buy Tie and Dye Sarees Online at Best Price

Tie and dye sarees are a traditional form of Indian textile art, where the fabric is tied tightly in certain areas and then dyed to create intricate patterns and designs.... Read More

Buy Handloom Kalamkari Sarees Online

Hand-painted Kalamkari, also known as Pen-Kalamkari, is an ancient Indian heritage craft that originated in Sri Kalahasti, Andhra Pradesh. Kalamkari is derived from 'Kalam', which means 'Pen', and 'Kari', which... Read More

Traditional Kanchipuram Sarees with Price

Kanchipuram sarees, also known as Kanjivaram sarees, are traditional handwoven silk sarees that originate from the town of Kancheepuram in Tamil Nadu, India. They are renowned for their exquisite designs,... Read More

Buy Handblock Bagru Print Sarees Online

Bagru Print Sarees are a type of traditional Indian saree that are handcrafted using natural dyes and traditional techniques. These sarees feature intricate designs and patterns that are stamped onto... Read More

Handblock Ajrakh Modal Silk Saree

The Handblock Ajrakh Modal Silk Saree is a traditional Indian saree that is handwoven using fine silk threads. It is distinguished by its intricate block prints and vibrant colors, which... Read More

Hair Styling Course Kochi, Kerala

Livart offers hair styling course in Kochi - Kerala, that covers hair cutting, hair coloring, and keratin, and helps create styles for various hair types and face shapes. Join us... Read More

Cosmetology Course in Kochi, Kerala

Livart Academy in Kochi, Kerala offers a comprehensive cosmetology course that covers every aspect of cosmetology, from hair styling to skincare, and is taught by expert professionals. Join us and... Read More