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EssentialCME is Organizing RISKY BUSINESS: High-Risk Cases in the ED, and will be held from Aug 14 - 18, 2023 in Rockport, USA. Our classroom-style seminars afford you 4 hours... Read More

Employ evidence-based strategies to integrate emerging immune checkpoint inhibitors and adoptive T-cell therapies into current clinical paradigms for advanced/metastatic melanoma. Among oncologists caring for melanoma patients, gaps have been identified in... Read More

We believe that the best-cleft care is provided by an integrated team of specialists that includes surgery, dentistry, psychology, nursing, and anesthesiology. The Comprehensive Cleft Care Workshop (CCCW), founded by... Read More

Identify and discuss the categories of medications used to treat cardiopulmonary disorders and the side effects of at least three of the most common respiratory drugs. 602: Cardio-Pulmonary Pharmacology (N)... Read More

302: Blood Gas and Respiratory System (N) is organized by Medical Education Systems (MedEdSys), Inc. Discuss blood gas analyzers and explain how they work. 302: Blood Gas and Respiratory System... Read More

Digital Pathology & AI 9th Annual Congress 2023 is organized by Global Engage Ltd and will be held from Jun 22 - 23, in New York, USA. Over 65 presentations... Read More

Domestic Violence for MDs and PAs: Florida Requirement is organized by AchieveCE. This course is designed to increase awareness among health care professionals of the prevalence of domestic violence, the... Read More